Bridge over the Strait, the crux of expropriations in the Commission. Can agreements delay the start?


By John

And what if it were the expropriations that blew up the “fast” time programs for the concrete start of the Bridge construction site? This is the feeling that emerged at the end of the meeting of the Bridge Commission yesterday afternoon. Guests are two illustrious administrators as well as professors Carmelo Briguglio And Mario Caldarera, invited by the bureau led by Pippo Trischitta.
In the stands a group of residents from the Torre Faro area interested, in some way, in the construction of the Bridge. Three weeks ago, the CEO of the Strait of Messina Pietro Ciucci dictated the timing of the phase of expropriations of properties and land, saying that the preventive phase will start in February, that the updating of the relevant plan is underway and that then they would started “the communications required by law and even more”. The actual expropriation activity, however, can only take place after the approval of the project by the Cipess and the simultaneous declaration of public utility. Another key step is the update of the 2011 protocol with owners and the Municipality to establish methods and times.