Sinner’s joy: “I wish all children to be able to choose their future, thanks to my parents”


By John

The great joy of Jannik Sinner after triumphing at the Australian Open:

“First of all Daniil I congratulate you and your team for the exceptional tournament you played. Your effort in this tournament was exceptional, run on all balls and I wish you to win this tournament sooner or later. I thank everyone: the sponsors, the ball boys, the chair judges, everyone who makes this tournament fantastic. It’s a very important tournament for me and I wanted to thank everyone who made this slam so special. Thanks to my team, everyone: let’s try to improve day after day, we try to understand each situation in the best way and I’m happy to have you there, because you encourage me. Sometimes it’s not easy, but that’s how I am. In these two weeks here you have made me feel at home, it’s a playground 15 thousand people, but you seem like many more. I thank my family and I wish everyone could have the parents I have: they have always allowed me to do what I wanted and I wish all the children to have the freedom that my parents gave me My parents. I don’t know what to say anymore, see you next year.”