Calabria, a year at two speeds. The leader of Confcommercio predicts an early 2024 still characterized by strong negativity


By John

2023 was archived in Calabria with an average inflation figure on an annual basis of +5.3%. A value built on a base already oversized by a very dark 2022, which closed with a NIC price index of 11.2%. In the tertiary sector the economic situation remained positive but there was an inevitable slowdown in sales in trade. Employment also showed negative signs, especially in permanent contracts and consumption was affected by the collapse in families’ purchasing power. However, no one wants to give up. There are people who try to oppose it with indomitable resistance but it’s not easy.
Klaus Algieri he is the president of Confcommercio Calabria. And from Rome, where he is involved in an important summit, he tries to identify development prospects in his homeland. «2024 will not be an easy year for the Calabrian economy. We come from a 2023 characterized by inflation that is still too high and which has severely eroded the purchasing power of families and weakened our businesses. The current scenario is still very unstable also due to the continuation of the conflict in Ukraine and the tensions in the Middle East. This certainly will not immediately translate into a strong recovery in consumption, which although growing remains at intermediate levels.”