Bridge over the Strait: Sicindustria’s appeal to the territory


By John

It will do? Won’t it happen? Are you against it? Are you in favor? «These are no longer the questions to ask ourselves, today, if we care about the fate of our territories, we have the duty to all collaborate to address the impact, both positive and negative, of the construction of the largest Italian infrastructure planned in the area of ​​our Strait”. Word of Pietro Franza, president of Sicindustria. The Messina industrialists’ association launches an appeal to those who, with an English term that has now become part of the Italian vocabulary, are called “stakeholders”, public and private subjects, that is, those who once they defined the “living forces” of a city.
President, you were in Reggio Calabria for the recent conference promoted by the Mediterranean University and the Order of Engineers, you met the Government representatives several times, you believe that the acceleration given, with the deadline indicated by the law (after 31 July the construction phase), is it decisive? And that the construction of the Bridge is no longer under discussion?
«On the occasion of the conference on the Palermo-Helsinki European Corridor, we had the opportunity to see first-hand the Government’s iron will to carry forward the project. But not only. I spoke directly with the president of the Italian railway network, Dario Lo Bosco, with the leaders of Anas and the “Stretto di Messina” company, with the representatives of the Eurolink-Webuild Consortium, with technicians and experts, and I found feedback from the progress that has been made, of the concrete activation of all the preparatory activities for the work”.
Reggio, as well as Catania and Palermo, are moving forward with concrete initiatives, taking it for granted that construction sites will begin. And Messina?
«We are very late but there is no need to cry over spilled milk. This is the time to proceed quickly, to start a common path with the main “players” and “stakeholders” of the Messina area to address, in an incisive, effective, operational and concrete way, the impact that this epochal importance has will have on our community, in all aspects, from an infrastructural, road and railway point of view but also from an urban, economic and social one.