Trainees, the mayor of Cosenza’s proposal for a common fight to resolve the dispute was accepted


By John

The opposition forces in the Municipality of Cosenza accepted the Mayor’s proposal, Franz Caruso, to implement a strong and valid initiative, aimed at solving the problem of Calabrian interns by supporting the recent amendment to the Milleproroghe Decree aimed at allowing local administrations to announce selections for their hiring at 18 months for 18 hours per week, on which it will be necessary however, ensure the relevant spending commitment. In this, the Municipality of Cosenza will be the leader of a broader mobilization aimed at involving all Calabrian parliamentarians, the Calabria Region, the provincial capital municipalities and all the PAs involved. This is the outcome of the meeting called by the mayor Franz Caruso and held yesterday afternoon in the Representative Hall of Palazzo dei Bruzi on the contractual situation and the working future of the interns currently working in the Municipality of Cosenza in which a representation of the TIS, the opposition councilors who had raised the issue, the majority group leaders, the municipal personnel councillor, Damiano Covelli, the general secretary, Virginia Milan and the manager of the sector, Matilde Fittante. During the discussion which opened, broad and detailed, the oppositions have, among other things, asserted that their action has always been devoid of any attempt at instrumentality, and have offered their utmost availability to work towards the objective of stabilization of the Tis together with the Municipal Administration. The opposition forces, therefore adhering to the proposal formulated by Mayor Franz Caruso, said they were ready to draft a joint document to be presented to the City Council for approval.

“The meeting was important – said the mayor Franz Caruso – because it saw the formation of a common front, which brings together all the political forces in the City Council, in support of the approximately 4 thousand Calabrian trainees of which 50 working in our institution to which I have always recognized the merits of their presence in our offices, aware of their dramatically precarious situation. Precisely for this reason I intended to convene today’s meeting, establishing a method never before applied which, to journalistic clashes, prefers the concreteness of sharing a difficult dispute, which involves families and the daily life of entities that are required to provide answers. In this context I express my satisfaction with the outcome of the meeting which demonstrated the need for the opposition political group to be the leader in this labor dispute which weighs on the future of 4 thousand trainees, mothers and fathers of families”.

“Naturally – concludes Franz Caruso – it will be my responsibility to involve my fellow Mayors and Trade Unions to jointly face the just demands of the Calabrian trainees”.