Calabria Film Commission and Anica Academy Ets: production and training travel together for the first time


By John

Calabria Film Commission and Anica Academy ETS, a third sector organization that offers basic and highly specialized training in the cinema, audiovisual and digital professions, gathered in Lamezia Terme to celebrate their collaboration, already announced at the last Venice International Film Festival . This is the launch of a series of training projects aimed at cinema professionals that are taking place in Calabria, such as the Production Inspector course or the Talented Creativity competition, but also in Rome with participation in the Creating Stories Course 2023- 2024.
Therefore, there are various initiatives already under way in this partnership, the first in the Lamezia Terme headquarters in the Papa Benedetto XVI industrial area, an important hub for the Calabria Film Commission where work on the Foundation's production studios has recently begun .

Anton Giulio Grande – Extraordinary Commissioner Fondazione Calabria Film Commission – “Initiatives such as those with Anica Academy ETS, from the Production Inspector course to other training projects, designed for those who already work in the sector and for young people who thus have the opportunity to enrich their theoretical experience, to then be used on sets, create a great laboratory of creativity, with an eye on Italian cinema and its growing energies”.
Luciano Vigna – General Director of the Calabria Film Commission Foundation – “The synergies with Anica Academy ETS led by President Francesco Rutelli – give meaning to our action for the territory. Training, among the projects we have carried out, offers an opportunity for existing professionals to qualify even better and allows young Calabrians to compete with the national cinema and TV system”.
Francesco Rutelli – President of Anica Academy ETS: “We are proud of the fruitful collaboration with the Calabria Film Commission Foundation and the Calabria Region, which has given rise to significant and concrete training projects and is creating new opportunities for young Calabrians who cultivate a passion for cinema and TV. The initiatives launched to date demonstrate how the common purpose can generate virtuous operations capable of enriching the skills of young talents in the audiovisual world and giving further impetus to this sector in the Calabrian region to be able to continue this path and thus support the future of new talents.”
Among the projects carried out, particular emphasis is placed on the Production Inspector training course, an initiative created to respond to the specific needs of the film industry in Calabria. The course was entirely financed by the Calabria Film Commission Foundation and therefore free for admitted students. It was open exclusively to 16 residents of the Calabria Region and aimed at training professionals capable of managing the production and logistical challenges associated with local film production and contributing to the development of the industry in the Region. The course, which began in February, has just ended and saw the participation of 16 students (8 men and 8 women). The following took part in the course as professionals: assistant director Benedetta Barroero who works with the most famous Italian directors (the latest was Matteo Garrone, whom she assisted for the film Io Capitano). Production coordinator Erica Marchetti associated with APE – Executive Producers Association which is a partner of the course. Ferdinando Bonifazi, Executive producer at Indiana with a module on accounting and administration and Andrea Stucovitz, film and audiovisual producer who participated as a lecturer of the course.
The students carried out production exercises (from the selection to the location search) starting from a real screenplay, trying to respond to the real needs of the case. They carried out a real search for locations in the area: they went around Lamezia Terme and the surrounding areas for scouting and checking the feasibility of the location proposals. In the last week, a module was also held on gender issues in cinema and audiovisual, held by the Women in Film, Television & Media Italia Association (WiFT&M).

The other initiative that has just started is Talented Creativity, a totally free ideas competition for young participants, 11 girls and 7 boys for this first edition, between 18 and 34 years old resident in Calabria, which constitutes an opportunity to find new ways of describing a territory and its identity characteristics . The Project is carried out with the contribution of the Department of Youth Policies and the Universal Civil Service and of the Calabria Region, Department of Education, Training and Equal Opportunities, in implementation of the Understanding/Agreement No. 101 of 7 October 2010. The objective is to give space to young people and creativity, enhancing their talent as part of an initiative that pays particular attention to the cultural, linguistic and historical contexts of the Calabrian communities. Through workshop courses dedicated to writing, production, film making and communication, participants have the opportunity to carry out their own projects for the territory with the support of the best audiovisual professionals. Their ideas will be presented to a panel of experts and the best one produced within the year.
The program which includes a phase of workshops preparatory to the actual development of an idea from a creative, organizational, communicative and distribution point of view, began its development on April 3rd. Among the teachers taking part in the course we find, in addition to the aforementioned Andrea Stucovitz, Manuela Cacciamani, member of the technical committee of the competition, digital entrepreneur, Founder of One More Pictures and President of the Union of Digital Publishers and Creators of Anica – National Industry Association Cinematographic Audiovisual Digital. Prominent figure in the sector of technological evolutions for the audiovisual industries for which he develops numerous projects, in addition to producing for cinema and TV, he has a division that deals with live events and multimedia narrative products in virtual reality and augmented reality, created with graphic techniques complex and always innovative. Chiara Giacoletto Papas, member of the competition's technical committee, joined Paramount in 2018 and currently holds the role of Communications & PR Senior Director Italy and France. Previously she developed a very long experience in the field of multi-channel communication, working since 2004 for the Ketchum agency, Omicom Pr Group, where she was a consultant for press office and digital pr activities following projects for important clients such as Activision, Twitter, P&G, Kodak and Pfizer. Nicola Lampugnani, member of the technical committee of the competition who has extensive experience in the creativity and communication sector, with prominent roles at various advertising agencies and companies such as DLVBBDO, DDB, Armando Testa and TBWA Italia. He also held executive positions at Warner Bros Discovery and founded agencies such as Epix and St. John. He was Vice President of ADCI and is involved in the organization of the IF! Italian Festival. Giacomo Triglia, multifaceted director with a notable portfolio that includes hundreds of music videos for internationally renowned artists. He has directed advertisements and documentary films for renowned brands such as Mulino Bianco, Dolce & Gabbana and Disney Channel, accumulating over 520 million views on YouTube. Emanuele Finardi who began his career as a copywriter and television author, and then held positions of responsibility at MTV and subsequently Zodiak Media Group. He has expertise in the coordination of broadcast activities and in the management of branded content & entertainment. He then worked at Nonpanic Banijay as Chief Commercial Officer, focusing on crossmedia projects dedicated to publishers and brands.
Another flagship of this partnership is also Creare Storie 2023/2024, the training course created to respond to the market's demand for young talents capable of thinking and developing audiovisual projects capable of innovating the forms of contemporary storytelling which at its third edition thanks to the Calabria Film Commission has awarded free access to two students resident in the Calabria Region. The course is taking place in Rome at the Anica Academy ETS headquarters.

The Calabria Film Commission Foundation was established by regional law n.1 of 11 January 2006. The sole member is the Calabria Region. The Foundation's main objectives are the promotion of the regional territory, its valorisation as a location for national and international cinematographic and audiovisual productions and the development of the local audiovisual industrial sector.
Regional law 21 of 21 June 2019 “Regional interventions for the cinema and audiovisual system in Calabria” entrusts the Foundation with the role of implementing body of all measures concerning the regional audiovisual and cinematography sector: typical activities Added to this are the planning of adequate professional training, support for festivals and exhibitions, the protection of cinemas and the valorisation of the regional cinematographic heritage.
The incoming activity of national and international productions consists of the granting of economic contributions, support in the search for local workers and artists, in the search for locations, and in support during the pre-production phases and during filming also through the construction of public-private partnerships with local authorities, public and private entities in the area in order to implement services and facilities for production companies operating in Calabria.
The Foundation's mission is completed with an intense marketing and communication activity which includes the organization of events, participation in festivals, fairs, markets and sector meetings of a national and international nature,
The Calabria Film Commission Foundation is a member of the Italian Film Commission and the European Film Commission Network.
Anica Academy ETS, created in 2020 by ANICA, Medusa Film, Netflix, Rai, Paramount and Vision Distribution, saw the entry of Gaumont Italia in 2023. A reality led by the President Francesco Rutelli, the General Secretary Francesca Medolago Albani and the Director Sergio Del Prete, which was born with the primary objective of conceiving, developing and organizing basic and highly specialized training courses in the cinema and art professions. 'audiovisual. It is aimed both at professionals who want to perfect skills already acquired, and at young graduates who look at the audiovisual sector as a sector that offers real opportunities for qualified employment, in line with knowledge and skills. In line with its industrial DNA, the school offers field experience – learning by doing – as one of the key elements of all courses, tailored to the specificities of each one, with particular attention to orientation and accompaniment towards further specializations or towards the world of work for younger people.