Messina, Catholic Action on the latest episodes of violence: “Enough with the law of the strongest, dialogue is needed”


By John

The Catholic Action of Messina takes a stand after the latest events of urban violence. “An elderly man violently attacked…”. This last adverb resonates strongly – writes the Diocesan Council of Catholic Action – one perceives the full weight of the questions it poses, of the educational responsibility that concerns everyone, of the necessity of attention and therefore of the urgency of speaking. There is perhaps a need for an appropriate time to process the brutality of some episodes and the unjustifiable gestures made before the terrified eyes of a child which evidently speak of a fragility that is profound and increasingly widespread”.

“The diocesan Catholic Action has warned strongly, therefore, the need, after a few days, to express one's dissent, to clearly distance oneself, by questioning oneself, from yet another case of violence that has occurred in our territory. Yet another case in which violence, considered a means of resolution, it takes the place of words, it does not accept the patience of dialogue, it becomes a means of expression that aims to reach the goal as quickly as possible: the rejection of the other, the humiliation of the most fragile which seems to increase the strength of those who impose themselves. It is no longer enough to stop on the line that separates victims and executioners; perhaps, today, fragility also has as its background the loss of identity, of the sense of living in a common space, of the absence of communication between generations. We are made, first of all, of dialogue and words and only a culture that allows us to see a horizon of common sense that is credible, only a renewed education in relationships will be able to stem the law of the strongest and ensure that violence is no longer the last word”.