Calabria: green light from the Regional Council for measures on education, training and confiscated assets


By John

There Council of the Calabria Regionupon indication of the vice president with responsibility for education, Giusi Princiapproved a resolution establishing the regional planning of resources, for the year 2023, relating to the integrated education and 0-6 education system. In particular with decree no. 82/2023, 12,080,212.83 euros are assigned to the Region to which is added a regional co-financing quota for an amount equal to 3,026,625.02 euros which, specifically, will be used for the activation of new spring sections (age group 18- 24 months) and for the redevelopment of the furnishings and equipment of the services intended for children.

Upon a joint proposal from vice-president Princi and the councilor for work and professional training, Giovanni Calabresand it was then decided the three-year agreement scheme with the regional school office of Calabria and the guidelines for the launch of experimental training courses aimed at acquiring the qualification of social and health worker (Oss), to be implemented at professional institutes for health and the social assistance of Calabria and the training bodies accredited by the Calabria Region. For the first time in Calabria, students attending professional institutes for health and social assistance will have the opportunity to enhance their curricular path with the recognition of the two hundred hours gained during their school career, thus allowing them to access subject to verification of the skills acquired, to the qualification course for Social and Healthcare Operators offered by accredited training agencies, with which schools will be able to define specific agreements.

Furthermore, two other important deliberative acts of the councilor for organization and human resources, Filippo Pietropaolo, were approved.

The regional strategy for the valorisation of assets confiscated from organized crime through cohesion policies was approved. The regional strategy, which has a structure consistent with the national one, has the primary aim of streamlining the activities and initiatives of regional competence, strengthening cooperation between the regional administrative structures and between these and the competent territorial institutions. The approval of this programmatic instrument will allow the Calabria Region to achieve a further objective in the process of valorising a heritage which, especially in the economically weaker areas but at the same time more characterized by the relevance of the phenomenon, constitutes an essential lever for development and redemption .

On the subject, the national conference on confiscated assets will be held on 1 December at the Citadel headquarters.

With another provision, however, the regulation for the implementation of the training system for local police service personnel was approved. The regulation applies to the local police bodies and services of the Municipalities and other local bodies that carry out local police functions. It is aimed at all staff belonging to the local police services of the Calabria Region, according to two guidelines: incoming training courses, which are divided into: basic training for agents and qualification training for officers; continuous training aimed at local police personnel who have already completed the mandatory training upon entry.