Calabria is rooting for Ursano from Catanzaro, he is there in the strongest Italy ever: at 8.12pm the final of the 10,000 metres. Leone: “Come on Luca”


By John

Dreaming of a business. Or maybe not, because the athlete from Catanzaro has already achieved the feat Luca Ursano: tonight he will also compete in the 10,000 meters final in Rome, on the occasion of the European Athletics Championships. He will run at 8.10pm. A talent that has blossomed in recent months. He is currently working for Atletica Vomano, but his relationship with Cosenza K42 remains very solid, which weaned him and brought him to a… European level. As? Giving him the former national cross and dt champion of the Bruzia club, Maurizio Leone. A precious and caring mentor who contributed to raising Ursano's competitive, technical and performance level. Today Leone has reached Rome and is preparing to admire his athlete up close, but without wanting to convey the slightest pressure to him. “I know Luca very well and he finds himself in such a context for the first time, which is why I wouldn't want to say too much about his result. If he manages to improve, good, if not… good too. He must make the most of this experience, because he wears the blue shirt and it must be done with dignity. Furthermore, he is in the strongest national team ever, medals in hand. And then, he realizes what was also a dream of mine: racing in a European track championship. My goal is for him to surpass me and today's debut is a great boost.” All the humility of a great champion like Maurizio Leone, who is now raising an equally strong one. And tonight Calabria will cheer for Ursano, as they did for Francesco Panetta and as they did for Leone himself.