Calabria, the Autonomy bill widens the gap in the center-right


By John

The spotlight is on Montecitorio where the bill on differentiated autonomy arrives this week. And if the League aims to close the game and bring home the flagship measure before the vote for the European elections, the orientations within Forza Italia are of a completely different opinion. The Calabrian governor Roberto Occhiuto leads the front of skeptical administrators in the face of a text that could extremely penalize a South that is already historically behind the North of the country.
It is no coincidence that the president of the Region – also national deputy secretary of the Azzurri – has already made it clear publicly that his party will fight before the final green light in the Chamber. «As it came out of the Senate, the bill on differentiated autonomy – Occhiuto continues to repeat – will not create any opportunities, neither for the North nor for the South. The text says that agreements can only be made after having defined the Leps – he reasons – but Svimez claims that it will take 70-80 billion to finance the Leps”. The governor also claims that the Calderoli bill «could cause problems in the so-called non-LEP matters, on which agreements can be made immediately. This is a topic that has become more ideological than substantive.”
It seems clear that the stance is the result of a targeted strategy aimed at at least slowing down the approval times on the one hand so as to prevent the Northern League from claiming success in the electoral campaign, and on the other to avoid the rain of criticism from part of the political opponents especially in the South.