Calabria, the company does not get up: in 3 months more than 1,500 companies have disappeared


By John

Green spots that suddenly fade into lightless chromatic trails if stuck in the expanse of time. The Calabrian business system tries to stay afloat in the midst of the perfect storm but it is not easy. The winds of war, the shock of energy prices, the cost of fuel and the crisis of raw materials (in addition, of course, to speculation) are cutting the wrists of a productive fabric already oppressed by the two-year period of the pandemic. Almost all sectors are in difficulty with a positive sign that has disappeared from the diagrams of the vitality of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Active balance

Signs of hope emerge from the folds of the Movimprese report, which illustrates a chiaroscuro second quarter. A period closed with a positive balance in the birth-death ratio of productive activities, with an overall increase of 840 new companies that flourished from April to June. The numerical flows of the regional economy confirm the thrust of updrafts but the general picture that ferments in the middle of the diagrams remains one of great prudence.

The troubles

The growing demographic scenario is an encouraging sign but only if analyzed in the short term. Numerically, in fact, it is the worst performance recorded in the last decade (from 2014 to today). Even the second “pandemic” semester of 2020 was filed with slightly better assets (856 new companies). Companies continue to drown in debt. In the second quarter of the year, 1,532 went out of business and were forced to close, with exhausted resources and capital to invest and with increasingly insistent suppliers in demanding the credits claimed. Since the crisis entered our lives, it has changed them, manipulating our profiles, changing paths and habits. We live overlooking diagrams of the cost of living that are continuously composed and broken up without giving certain reference points to our imagination. A suffering that has emptied businesses, draining their resources until they suffocated. But hope is placed in those 2,372 businesses born from April to June (with a growth rate of +0.45%), given that, however, it is subdued compared to the pre-pandemic trend.