Calabria waste management plan, Department approves update


By John

There are no “significant effects on the environment”. With this motivation, the Technical Evaluation Structure of the Territory and Environmental Protection Department of the Region has given the green light to the update of the Waste Management Plan.
This is a series of changes that in 2022 the Regional Council made to the current waste plan, which dates back to 2016, to adapt it to recent national and European regulatory provisions which, above all, provide for the strengthening of separate waste collection: 75% by 2025 and 80 percent starting from 2027. Hence the need for the president’s Calabrian government, Roberto Occhiuto, to start the process in recent months to verify the possible environmental impacts of the new waste management program by subjecting it to the strategic environmental assessment and the environmental impact assessment. And at the end of the preliminary investigation procedure during which the interested bodies expressed their observations, the Technical Evaluation Structure ruled on the “environmental sustainability – we read in the favorable opinion – of the update of the Regional Waste Management Plan”