Calenda attacks Cateno De Luca and Bandecchi, mayor of Terni: “Being rude buffoons is the easiest way to get voted for”


By John

On the day in which there was a brawl within the Terni municipal council, Carlo Calenda, leader of Action and former minister, harshly attacked the mayor of the Umbrian city Stefano Bandecchi and Cateno De Luca, mayor of Taormina and leader of political movement South calls North.

In a post on social media, Calenda points the finger at the two administrators by posting two videos (that of Bandecchi’s speech in the Council and that of De Luca when he attacked Angelo Duro a few days ago after the posters daubed in Taormina)

“The first is the mayor of Terni, regularly voted by the majority of citizens. A character who had already given similar proof in the past. Can we still pretend that there is no correlation between the general level of education and the quality of political representation?

The second, however, is the mayor of Taormina, former Mayor of Messina, who proclaimed himself Emperor of the two Sicilies (incidentally he also got the wrong title because the two Sicilies were a kingdom). The truth is that these and other characters have understood that being rude buffoons is the easiest way to get voted for. If democracy runs a risk today it is that of ending up in farce.”

Cateno De Luca responded a little while ago on social media by jokingly: “But what does Carlo Calenda want from me? Now I’ll ask Matteo Renzi.”