Capo Rizzuto Island, surprise visit by the President of the Albanian Republic Bajram Begaj


By John

In his institutional visit to the Albanian-speaking community of Crotone, enclosed in the centers of Carfizzi, Pallagorio and San Nicola dell’Alto, surprisingly, this morning. the president of the Albanian republic, Bajram Begaj, stopped in Isola di Capo Rizzuto. Having informed the Municipality at the last minute of the exceptional “visitor”, the mayor, Maria Grazia Vittimberga, met the illustrious guest in the seaside village of Le Castella where he was accompanied within the walls of the Aragonese Castle which he could not leave indifferent for its spectacular beauty, and for its history almost even more fascinating than the imposing architecture of the manor surrounded by the sea.

Happy and satisfied, the mayor Vittimberga declared: “It was an unplanned visit which, perhaps, precisely for this reason, was even more exciting; although it’s sad – she admits, showing off the typical Calabrian hospitality – that she wasn’t able to prepare something for the occasion. However, we are honored and happy to have received President Begaj and the large Albanian delegation on our territory; but what makes us even more proud is that it was he himself who wanted to stop on our territory>. In fact, the motorcade made a sudden detour, satisfying the unscheduled request of the president who was struck by the extraordinary beauty of the small coastal village.

“We have a history of hospitality and cultural exchanges with Albania – continues the Mayor – considering that the first migrant boats we welcomed on our territory were Albanian citizens who have now integrated well; in the meantime Albania has grown from every point of view and today there are many of our entrepreneurs and students who make the reverse journey to enroll in Albanian universities or open commercial businesses. Then we are kissed by the same sea, so the bond is certainly stronger”. Together with the Albanian president, there were: Ernesto Madeo, commissioner of the Arbëreshe regional Foundation, and Mayor of San Demetrio Corone; Consul Klement Zguri, and Valerio Caparelli, organizational manager of the Arbëreshe regional foundation.