Carmine Morello, the lifeless body of the 49-year-old found in the countryside of Corigliano Rossano. Signs of gunshot wounds on the body


By John

The lifeless body of Carmine Morello was found this morning in the Strange district, in Corigliano Rossano, 49 years old, from Corigliano Rossano. The man disappeared on August 11th under mysterious circumstances.

The corpse, which presented signs of gunshots, was found by the police not far from the motorbike with which the man had left a mobile phone shop in the Ionian city where he was last August 17th. He was last seen inside a motorcycle dealership owned by a friend of his along the Ionian State Road 106. The man, having walked away, had left his mobile phone in the business. The motorbike was hidden under some sheet metal. Morello, involved in the “Stop” anti-mafia operation, conducted in the last decade against the clan led by the now repentant boss Nicola Acri, after an initial conviction he was then acquitted with a final sentence. He had been accused and then acquitted for the attempted murder of Antonio Manzi which occurred in Rossano in December 2002.

The Castrovillari prosecutor, Alessandro D’Alessio, and the Catanzaro district attorney, Nicola Gratteri, were immediately informed of the discovery of the body.