A Gaddafi lookalike acclaimed in southern Libya: here is the video also broadcast by al Jazeera


By John

Attracting the attention of numerous media including the pan-Arab al Jazeera, X images of a lookalike Of Muammar Gaddafi who wandered around yesterday in a city in southern Libya among selfies, flowers and demonstrations of jubilation. “As if he were Gaddafi, he wanders through the streets of a Libyan city,” wrote Al Jazeera, relaunching the video in which the lookalike of the murdered Libyan dictator greets by emerging from the roof of a vehicle next to two men in camouflage while someone is having a selfie in a din of horns.

«Libyan media: A man resembling Gaddafi walks through the town of Bani Walid and greets people. Supporters of the former regime greet him warmly and offer him flowers on the occasion of the anniversary of the September revolution”, writes Orient News, a news agency based in Dubai, on the former Twitter. In the video, in addition to shouts of support, you can hear ‘El Fateh, El Fateh’ (September, September) with implicit reference to the 1969 coup d’état in Libya, also known as the September 1st Revolution, which was carried out by a fist of soldiers led by Colonel Gaddafi and which led to the deposition of King Idris.

“This is something that is repeated every year,” Ahmed Wali, a councilor from Tripoli who represents various constituencies of the capital, reminded ANSA: “There are cities that celebrate September 1st, Gaddafi’s coup d’état in 1969. These are centers that have always supported Gaddafi”, such as “Beni Walid and Sebha”, added Wali, who is also a businessman .

«Most of those celebrating are from his own tribe. They bring out someone who looks like Gaddafi and who is wearing this traditional dress that the colonel used to wear”, the councilor said again, recalling that these peaceful demonstrations are tolerated in the sector controlled by the government of Prime Minister Abdel Hamid Dbeibah, who thus demonstrates a attitude of democratic respect even for forces hostile to it as they are linked to the old regime. People would certainly demonstrate in a similar way also in the city near which Gaddafi was born, Sirte, “but they can’t do it there because Haftar is there”, concluded Wali, referring to the strong man of Cyrenaica, General Khalifa Haftar.