Messina becomes a film set for “Glass Beach”: the death of a son and those rediscovered affections


By John

The children call them slides. Hence the title of the film “Glass Beach” which will also be filmed in Messina and is inspired by the presence of colored glass on the beaches which often makes them multi-colourediridescent and shimmering. It’s Salvo’s story a forty-year-old Sicilian fisherman, devastated by the tragic death of his child at sea, while swimming at the glass beach and who, to escape the unbearable pain, leaves his village and goes to work far away as a deep-sea welder on an oil platform. When he receives the news of his father’s stroke, he returns to Sicily to sell his father’s house with the idea of ​​using the proceeds to obtain shared custody of his daughter who lives in Calabria. But here his life will change again thanks to the activities of the swordfish gangways that cross the Strait and the presence of unexpected people and loved ones, in the landscape context of the coasts and villages of Messina and Villa San Giovanni.

To carry out the filming, Via Don Blasco, Piazza Duomo and Lago Grande will become film sets. On 4 September and then from 7 to 19 of the same month, some scenes of the film will be shot in Messina. The project is produced by Baobei srl and Indyca srl, who asked the urban mobility department to ban vehicle parking during certain time slots, precisely to complete filming. And so parking will be prohibited on the mountain side of Via Don Blasco, for a stretch of 100 metres, almost close to the overpass, and on both sides of the south side of Piazza Duomo, for the entire day of 4 September. We will move to via Pietro Rotondo, around Lago Grande, from 7 to 19 September. The film is directed by the American Will Geiger and he will be among the protagonists Claudio Castrogiovannian actor who has made several fiction films such as “Il capo dei capi” or “Il giorno Montalbano”.