Catanzaro, a business in step with the times in the city. The key is planning


By John

Equip the city with a municipal structural plan, which exceeds the forecasts of the old Prg, becomes strategic not only from an urban planning point of view but also from an economic-commercial perspective. The preliminary document is a step forward but over the next few months, when it changes into Psc, the contents and forecasts of a tool that indicates the vocations of the various parts of the capital will be enriched. Here because the municipal administration is also proceeding without haste with the revision of some plans such as that of trade. The existing one dates back to 2008. It was another world, another economy, even another society and, therefore, a completely different Catanzaro, even in terms of demographic perspectives. In just over 15 years the scenarios have been turned upside down. It is no coincidence that in a conversation with the Gazzetta del Sud, a few weeks ago, the municipal councilor for economic activities Antonio Borelli he had defined it as “anti-historical” to want to accelerate the redefinition of the plan in a very short time, also based on a 2002 Prg.