Catanzaro and Reggio Calabria among the cities with the lowest inflation in Italy. Genoa and Milan are the most expensive


By John

Genoa is the city with the highest inflation in Italy: +8.2%, which translates into a higher annual additional expense of 1,787 euros for an average family. This was reported by the National Consumer Union, which assigns the silver medal in Varesewith +6.5% on July 2022 and an increase in spending of +1,714 euros per family. On the lowest step of the podium Milan which, despite having inflation slightly higher than the Italian average, +6.3%, has an additional expense of 1,710 euros per year for a typical family. In fourth place is Grosseto which, with the third highest annual inflation in Italy, +7.5%, has a sting of 1,691 euros. Followed by Lodi (+6.5%, +1,650 euros), Perugia (+6.9%, +1,585 euros), in seventh place Siena with 1,578 euros (in fifth place for inflation with +7%), then Bologna (+ 6.3%, +1,572 euros). Alessandria (+6.9%, +1,533 euros) closes the top ten, ex aequo with Lucca (+6.8%, +1,533 euros).

Catanzaro and Reggio Calabria among the cities with the lowest inflation in Italy

On the other side of the ranking, reports the Unc, the most virtuous city in Italy in terms of lowest additional spending is once again Potenza, with the lowest inflation in the country, +3.5%, and where in average, “only” 691 euros more are spent per year. In 2nd place Catanzaro, second for inflation (+4.3%, +803 euros). Bronze medal Reggio Calabria (+4.7%, +878 euros). Caserta (4th place), Ancona (7th), Bari (8th) and Cagliari (10th place, with +5.5% and 1,033 euros) also did well. As for the Regions at the top of the ranking of the most expensive, with an annual inflation of +7.9%, abundantly the highest in Italy, there is Liguria which records an average burden per household equal to 1,630 euros on an annual basis . Umbria follows, where the 6.7% increase in prices implies a surge in the cost of living equal to 1,513 euros, third is Lombardy, where despite inflation being lower than the national one, +5.8%, the the annual increase is 1,507 euros. The most economical region is once again Basilicata, +3.6%, equal to 697 euros, followed by Molise (+5.1%, +934 euros). Bronze Medal for Calabria.