Catanzaro, charge allowance towards take-off. The mayor receives 11 thousand euros per month


By John

More than office compensation doubled in ten years of the municipal administrators. If you look at the 2013 tables, in fact, the sums indicated are almost “tender” compared to the levels that will be reached starting from 2024: at the time the mayor of a regional capital received 4,734.10 euros (gross) per month and the councilors and the president of the municipal council barely reached three thousand euros.
With the 2022 budget law, the Draghi government gave a boost to allowances by gradually pushing them upwards, with increases expected until 2024in order to give “concrete” support to administrators who may find themselves managing particularly delicate administrative situations, especially in major cities, and with the sword of Damocles of civil and criminal “disputes” in the performance of their functions.

In the regional capital

The gradual increase, always gross, began as early as 2022 in the last phase of the Abramo administration with a first step from the mayor’s initial 7,018.65 euros to 8,828.26 euros; in cascade the increases also affected the other positions (deputy, councillors, president of the assembly, attendance fees for councillors). In 2023, under the Fiorita administration, there was the second further increase up to 9,753.17 euros and, starting from January 1st, the monthly allowance that the mayor Nicola Fiorita will receive will be increased settle at 11,040 euros.