Israel, protests in front of the Knesset in Jerusalem: ‘Away with the Netanyahu government, elections immediately’


By John

A few dozen protesters from the “Changing Direction” movement and the “Elections Now” coalition are blocking the main entrance to the Knesset in Jerusalem this morning, demanding early elections and the immediate replacement of the government with the expulsion of extremists from the executive. The Israeli media writes it. The organizers of the protest stated among other things that “any hope that the government would rise to the level of emergency has been dashed in light of its failed conduct, which is reflected in the dysfunctions, in the abandonment of the abductees, in a fatal wound to the image of the State”.

Police officers have have them evicted by force, one of them was arrested, as Haaretz reports. Some protest organizers are family members of people killed by Hamas on October 7.

Roni Goren Ben-Zvi, whose brother Yonatan Richter was assassinated at the Nova festival, said referring to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: “My brother was killed because of a man who for eight years has been waging a private war against the entire country alone in order to survive, evade justice and continue to steal our funds. Only fools follow his lies. He is a narcissist who never thought about the safety of the country and its citizens.

‘Night of intense fighting in Gaza and with Hezbollah’

The Israel Defense Forces said there was intense fighting in Khan Yunis in southern Gaza overnight, with the air force launching strikes on around 30 “significant” Hamas targets in the area.
The targets included underground sites, weapons depots and other infrastructure. The fighting is continuing this morning too. The IDF announced on X that it had also “struck numerous Hezbollah targets in Lebanon” during the night. The IDF had previously confirmed that a Hezbollah rocket fire damaged a strategic air base in northern Israel on Saturday.