Catanzaro confers honorary citizenship on “O’Rey” Massimo Palanca


By John

Next 22 August, Massimo Palanca, “O’Rey”, will be an honorary citizen of Catanzaro: the most beautiful epilogue to a beautiful story that began half a century ago. Mayor Nicola Fiorita had anticipated it to the group leaders in the City Council in early June: the indissoluble link between “Massime'” and the City could only be definitively sanctioned by the conferral of honorary citizenship to the great champion of the US, who not only helped to bring the team to the Olympus of national football but became one of its icons, with his acrobatic game and above all with that foot, capable of unrepeatable goals from the flag on fields all over Italy .Palanca and Catanzaro: to be metaphorical, one could write of a very long and happy engagement that ends in glory with the indispensable wedding. The Palazzo De Nobili offices are already working to perfect the formal procedures preceding the granting of honorary citizenship and organize all the aspects that will surround the meeting of the City Council which, according to law, will be convened ad hoc for the approval of the relative resolution. An event that promises to be very attended and certainly not without that emotional charge that accompanies a community, when the latter sees its best story pass in front of it, feeling at the same time an active and integral part of it. Because this is: the history of Catanzaro passes through Massimo Palanca and that of Massimo Palanca passes through Catanzaro.