Catanzaro, deserted council meeting on the PSC. The opposition “arises”.


By John

Anyone expecting a “good first” will have been disappointed. In fact, the City Council meeting which yesterday was supposed to approve the preliminary document of the PSC and discuss a resolution on the Abramo Customer Care dispute was deserted. The majority forces that expect to pass the measure in today’s session did not appear in the Chamber, thus leading to the new call at 1pm today. There are different readings on the issue at Palazzo De Nobili. From the government area, the aim is to tone down the tone by claiming that, in reality, the majority did not show up since the group leaders had already highlighted the concomitance of the session with some appointments in the Concert Hall which has hosted the works of the civic assembly: in the morning a wedding, in the afternoon a musical event.
A completely different reading from the opposition forces who mostly sat among the benches waiting for the work to start. In particular, once the session was declared deserted by the vice president Manuela Costanzothe advisors Marco Polimeni, Valerio Donato, Gianni Parisi And Stefano Veraldi have released some statements stating that the City Council «is used for the use and consumption of the majority. In a conference of group leaders at the beginning of the mandate, an instruction was established for the president to always go on first call. Now, on an important issue like that of the PSC, the majority decides not to present, to postpone until the second call.”