Landslides, a contract worth over two million to Cesarò to consolidate the Rocca Giannina


By John

A contract worth two million and 200 thousand euros to entrust the intervention which to Cesarò, in the Messina area, will make it possible to secure a section of state road 120 and some homes located downstream from Rocca Giannina. On the top of the cliff stands the Colonna Castle and, in recent years, stones have slipped down several times from the rocky walls, confirming a constantly lurking danger. The houses, by order of the city administration, were cleared in 2018 after some boulders came loose.

The tender was published by the Structure for combating hydrogeological instability led by the President of the Region Renato Schifani. The offers will be able to reach the offices in Piazza Ignazio Florio in Palermo electronically, directed by Maurizio Croce, until next February 5th.

«The artery will be protected from new collapses that could occur – underlines the Sicilian governor – it is of fundamental importance for the municipality which falls within the Nebrodi Park, since it represents the only way of communication with Catania, Enna, Messina and the other countries of eastern Sicily. Furthermore, the planned works will give owners the opportunity to return to the homes they were forced to evacuate. We work every day to remove all potential dangerous situations that are reported to us in order to guarantee citizens safe territories and, as such, increasingly functional to their economy”.

As foreseen by the project, after the cleaning and brush clearing of the slope, from which the most unstable boulders will be removed, we will proceed with the placement of rockfall protection nets and barriers. At the same time, some defense structures positioned five years ago by the Civil Protection and which are now largely damaged will be eliminated.