Catanzaro makes you dream and gives you a full of enthusiasm


By John

The packed house in Lecce triggered a new wave of enthusiasm: long queues at the stadium box office for the last day of the season ticket campaign and a real assault on the online portal to buy a ticket. The “Ceravolo” is heading towards sold out (tickets ended up in the corner, separate and west side stands, remain on the east side, central and VIP) for tomorrow evening’s match against Spezia, the third day which splits a very hot week in the market in half.

Beyond the latest incoming objectives, the credit for the predictable sell-out goes to the success achieved against Ternana. The 2-1 win over the Umbrians ended a streak of eight games without a win, inflating the pride of the place, of course, but above all it gave a boost to the team, which couldn’t do without it. Sunday evening’s result was a fundamental condition in view of the real home debut on Wednesday. From Lecce, Catanzaro sent four postcards as beautiful as the Salento capital: they should be kept and stuck on the refrigerator. Four like the points obtained in the standings in two days.

The first is a shot of the entire starting line-up, who started the match against Ternana on a great note. Positive approach, proactive attitude, plots codified since last year, personality of the owners, young or not. Until the 1-0, Catanzaro was the show that Vivarini put on with painstaking work for over a year and a half, never stuck on itself, always evolving: this is demonstrated by the hybrid position of Situm, full-back in a defensive key , often also inside right midfield when in possession of the ball. The Croatian is the tactical key to this first part of the season.

The second postcard is the image of Tommaso Biasci’s happiness: «You never forget the first time», he wrote on Instagram to celebrate his first goal in Serie B. Do you remember the attacker’s somewhat gray performance in Cremona? Well, remove it from the memories, because against Ternana the Tuscan confirmed himself as a penalty area killer and… record holder for goals in the championship, in the sense that it is the second tournament in a row that Biasci breaks the ice in scoring. Not only that, he was the author of a capital test. It is no coincidence that the club thinks that the number 28 can score in Serie B as he did in Serie C. It’s true, Catanzaro took Donnarumma, but a Biasci like this will be useful.

The third image immortalizes D’Andrea’s dribbling who knocked out Sorensen and was knocked down by Proietti. The winger shares the titles with all the substitutes: Krajnc found him with a pass, previously Stoppa and Pompetti had introduced freshness, strength and ideas, without forgetting someone like Donnarumma who is a constant thought for the opposing defences. Last year the Catanzaro bench made the difference, in this they will have to guarantee solutions: they have begun to do so.

The latest is the postcard signed by Vandeputte with the penalty converted in the ninetieth minute. That ball weighed a lot, the perfect way in which the Belgian threw it into the goal made it very light. The first two Giallorossi penalty takers (Iemmello and Biasci) were not on the pitch, but looking back at the outcome (ball on one side, goalkeeper on the other) who knows whether the hierarchies from the spot could be re-evaluated.


There are still two or three incoming operations to complete, one per department. In defence, Catanzaro has set its sights on Gabriele Guarino, a nineteen-year-old central defender from Empoli’s Primavera, from whom midfielder Ignacchiti could also arrive. Watch out for a possible icing on the attack like Filippo Falco. Trotta dell’Avellino has been proposed to the club: the hypothesis is not hot at the moment. There seems to be no basis for the interest in the playmaker Petriccione (Crotone).