Chemical castration, towards the League’s amendment


By John

«When the Nordio-Piantedosi-Roccella bill arrives in the Chamber, we will propose chemical castration as an amendment by the League or the government, if there is agreement». Thus to the press the Northern League undersecretary for Justice Andrea Ostellari. «It is a solution aimed at those who repeat the crime and have problems – he adds – It would only be on a voluntary basis for those who want treatment». He says they haven’t talked about it with the allies yet, but “in the meantime the League is making the proposal available.”

Compared to prisons «at the moment the prisoner is allowed, under the ordinary regime, four telephone calls a month. Meanwhile, basically, they will become six. The real news is that the director of the penitentiary institution will be able to go beyond this limit and allow communications even on a daily basis, if he deems it appropriate. The decision – he explains – will be based on the reports written by the educators and the observation team. Even when the inmate has just entered prison or perhaps in the case of subjects close to their expiry date. Then there are not only the condemned, there are also the accused, who all the more need to be allowed contact with the outside world.” When asked why not allow daily phone calls to everyone, as with the pandemic, Ostellari replies: «There would be a management problem. That was an emergency moment. Today we are back to normal.” The prison bill «will also include rules for the protection of those who work within institutions. There will be an increase in punishment for those who attack staff.”