Catanzaro Metro, Pietropaolo: resources identified for 105 million


By John

«With the resolution approved yesterday by the regional council on the proposal of the president Roberto Occhiuto resources of 105 million euros have been identified to fully cover the Catanzaro metropolitan system project. The resources were identified through the remodulation of the Calabria Development and Cohesion Plan 2014-20: around 70 million were already foreseen, but risked being lost due to delays due to the complexity of the construction site, while the remaining part will be used to cover the increase in costs and variations during construction”. The regional councilor made this known Filippo Pietropaolowho thanks President Occhiuto and colleagues of the Council «for having secured a strategic work for the mobility of the capital, reassuring the municipal administration of Catanzaro on the total financial coverage of the project and on the Region’s commitment to its completion» .