Concessions, here’s what changes: the race for ISEE 2024 will start from January 1st. It must be presented quickly


By John

The news on the benefits, the race for the ISEE 2024 will start from January 1st. It must be presented quickly.

All ISEE forms developed in 2023 expire on 31 December and the race for the ISEE 2024 starts in January. Anyone who is already a beneficiary of benefits linked to the ISEE value must present it promptly to confirm that they meet the requirements: in particular, families who receive the Single Allowance must file the ISEE by the end of February to confirm the amount with the increases due.

Tight deadlines for the new ISEE also for recipients of the Card Dedicated to YouSupport for Training and Work and for those who from 1 January will be able to apply for the new Inclusion Allowance, which replaces the Citizenship Income for families with a minor, disabled or over 60 member. For both benefits the the application can be submitted to the Caf, with an ISEE requirement of 6,000 euros for the SFL and 9,360 euros (same as for the RdC) for the inclusion allowance respectively.

We already have all the documents needed for the 2024 ISEE: income and movable and real estate assets refer to 2022, so we need the CU or the 2023 tax return and the value and average balance of current accounts as of 12/31/2022. All that’s missing is the appointment, the CISL Caf is ready, and you? For any information or request for assistance, you can contact the Caf Cisl of Messina: the main office is at the Cisl Service Center in viale Europa 58, on the corner of viale San Martino.