Catanzaro, mobility can restart the centre


By John

Mobility, a key factor for the historic center, its revitalization and its development. A thesis that has been part of the city's political debate for some time. to which yesterday we attempted to provide further support by indicating and observing its potential and weak points. The objective is to build a mobility system that not only connects the entire territory but which becomes a vehicle for economic and commercial growth. Talking about it Lorenzo Bertucciourban mobility expert who oversaw Rome's sustainable mobility urban plan, introduced by the mayor Nicola Fiorita and by the councilor for economic activities Antonio Borelli.
A meeting that was a comparison of ideas, between the indication of strengths – particularly historical and cultural – and weaknesses, especially linked to the massive presence of cars, lack of parking and a commercial fabric that has gradually weakened . Aspects that are in some way also connected to each other, which however will be weighed in a general model that brings together all the reasoning in order to pursue the objective of reviving the historic center, also from a social point of view. In this case, the role of the regional capital, its institutional role, was not discussed, but rather the very soul of the city, its more or less vital components and the possibilities of putting the most compromised ones back on track.