Catanzaro, Saturday at the Politeama “Shrek the Musical”: the theater opens to children with a show full of songs and special effects


By John

The countdown has begun towards the unmissable show of Shrek the musical which will arrive on Saturday 2 March, at 9pm, at the Politeama Theater in Catanzaro. On stage, stories and characters from the famous animated film will come to life with the iconic green ogre protagonist of a journey that will change his life alongside the volcanic Donkey and the exuberant Princess Fiona, who has always dreamed of being saved. Rich in songs rigorously sung live, spectacular choreographies and impressive sets, the show, included in the “Musica & Cinema” festival, is produced by AncheCinema di Bari under official license from Music Theater International (Europe) and DreamWorks Theatricals who supervised and approved every aspect of the new production completely made in Italy.

The direction of Skrek the musical bears the illustrious signature of Graziano Galatonea name that jumped into the limelight with Notre Dame de Paris, the popular opera of Riccardo Cocciante produced by David Zard. The impressive physical and digital sets, the latter based on the UNITY video game engine, manage to perfectly recreate all the various settings of the world of Shrek: the famous swamp, the city of Duloc, the Dragona castle, Princess Fiona's Tower and over twenty other scene changes. Scenography made more spectacular by Holographic special effects in Holo-3D Projection Mapping.

To support the actor Michele Savoia – winner of the David di Donatello dello Spectatore together with Me Contro Te for The Mystery of the Enchanted School – will be some of the most talented performers in the world of Italian musicals and of the excellences coming from the most prestigious national academies of musical theater such as the Bernstein School of Musical Theater (BSMT) of Bologna, the International College of Musical Theater of Rome, the Scuola del Musical (SDM) of Milan and the Academy of Musical Theater of Bari.

For the occasion, by contacting the Politeama box office on 0961-501818, it will be possible to take advantage of the special offer which provides free entry for children under 16 for three tickets purchased by adults. The Politeama Foundation reminds you that further discounts are available for university students, the Academy of Fine Arts and the Tchaikovsky Conservatory, as well as Cral and organized groups. For information you can consult the portal