Catanzaro, Sounas means tenacity. “My best performance in Palermo”


By John

Dimitrios Sounas means tenacity. It is not the literal translation from the Greek, but it is the term that best describes the Catanzaro midfielder: in C he was a fundamental factor, in B he was not expected to be able to perform as well as a year ago and instead… «In Perugia and Reggio Calabria he did not I had the chance to assert myself in this category, but in my head I always had the goal of getting to where I am now, I didn’t give up, it’s my mentality, now I’m satisfied with how it’s going and I know I have to continue like this” , explained Dimi, mentioning the other two victories of a championship in the third series (with umbrian and amaranth), which was then not followed by the chances that Catanzaro is guaranteeing him on the upper floor. And that he doesn’t let go.
In Palermo he was the best, against Cosenza he proved to be invaluable in the non-possession phase (and not only), in Bari he scored with a header, against Lecco he provided an assist to Vandeputte. In short, Sounas is there (eleven appearances out of fifteen): «My best match was at the “Barbera”, but I am especially happy with the performance and the victory of the team, which demonstrated great value against a very strong opponent and high-class players. quality, we want to continue with performances like this because they are the ones that allow us to achieve results.”
In the summer, when Vivarini changed formation from 3-5-2 to 4-4-2, it was thought that Sounas, midfielder or attacking midfielder, did not have an ideal position.
The twenty-nine year old, on the contrary, is also giving a lot as a high right winger, his new starting area from which he has the license to focus: «I’m trying to do what the coach asks of me in training, I give my all every day because then I feel good in the match, just be focused on what the coach says and the rest comes easier. As for the role – he added -, for me it is the same even if something has changed in this championship, I often stay wide on the touchline, we have also changed the way we defend ourselves, we have to help the teammate behind us more: It wasn’t like this in C, but we improved a lot in this aspect too.”
It was necessary to change shape to avoid paying the impact with the cadetteria: «The level of B is very high, the first team can lose against the last team and this means that you must never lower your concentration otherwise they will punish you. Our mentality is also different compared to last year, in C we were too much stronger than the others, in B it’s not like that.”
There are two things that allow Catanzaro to impose himself against anyone: «Our secret has always been the group, extraordinary. So is the work we have been doing since July, which in fact is paying off.” The joy felt by the fans with the success in the derby was priceless: «With Cosenza the most exciting match, first because we were coming off three defeats, then for the fans who cared about us as much as we did. It was special to give them the victory, it was the most important thing.”
Now Pisa, the next stop on a tenacious and quality journey for the Greek and Catanzaro: «Pisa is an excellent team, we are preparing. It won’t be easy – concluded Sounas –, but by keeping our concentration high we will pull off another great performance».