Drama in France, fifteen-year-old kills parents and sets fire to the house


By John

It was Valentin, the fifteen-year-old son, who killed his parents at the beginning of last week and tried to destroy the evidence of his crime by setting fire to the family home: the boy confessed today and the Montpellier prosecutor’s office opened an investigation investigation against him. The bodies of the two were found last Monday after the fire in their house, at dawn, in Châteauvilain, in the Isère department, a village of 800 inhabitants between Lyon and Grenoble. Wanted since then, the fifteen-year-old was only found on Saturday in Montpellier and placed in custody for double murder and arson.

The prosecutor, Éric Vaillant, confirmed that the couple’s son admitted to killing his parents. He is the youngest of a family of 4 that in recent days the neighbors have described as “normal” and very well integrated into the village. The brother and two stepsisters are safe. Valentin had disappeared after the fire in which the bodies were found “almost completely charred” so as to leave doubts about their identification. They had “gunshot wounds to the head and chest”, the forensic doctors said. The car that the father, 58 years old, an engineer, used to go to work had been found abandoned in a nearby region. The mother worked at home and the older brother, aged 17, had been away from home since the day before the fire.