Catanzaro, the “Punto ea Capo” bookshop celebrates 10 years among the warmth of its friends and loyal customers


By John

A bookshop, very often, it represents not only a fleeting moment in which to purchase the desired volume, but also a place where you can make new friendships and increase your human wealth. This is certainly the case of the “Punto ea Capo” bookshop in Via Iannelli in Catanzaro which celebrated its 10 years of activity.

For over two hours after the evening closing, a large group of loyal customers populated the bookshop, celebrating with the owner, Paola Tigani Sava, and not disdaining the approach with the texts and their purchase on promotion. The highlight of the evening was the so-called “lucky fishing”, a playful and suspenseful interlude, in which three lucky winners obtained vouchers that could be spent in bookstores.

When cutting the cake, Paola Tigani Sava made a point of thanking everyone present, stating: “Thank you seems like an obvious word, but it isn't. If we are here to celebrate after 10 years of activity, it is precisely because you are here, many new acquaintances but also many fruits of this work and of a personal relationship built over the years. You are the fruits of the bookshop and I thank you for your respect and affection!”

The evening then ended among the smiles and hugs of those present, with Paola Tigani Sava handing over a gadget accompanied by a note reciting the phrase: “Time passes, gratitude increases”.