The Lido neighborhood in Catanzaro, “a city within the city”. Development passes through tourism and services


By John

It is not enough to revive the historic center to revive the entire city. With such a vast territory and the different realities that characterize it, the regional capital must find a homogeneous development key, which is valid in all its parts. To do this, a broad action is therefore needed, which could also be that envisaged by the municipal structural plan being drawn up which focuses on development nuclei (linked to the various neighbourhoods) to indicate the future path of the city.

In depth discussion on urban planning that will come, and therefore during the PSC planning conference, the professional associations have not failed to provide their own indications and suggestions to ensure that this action can be as broad as possible. And they also looked with a certain consistency at the prospects of the seaside district, “a city within the city” as defined by the president of the engineers Gerlando Cuffaro in the report filed in the documents and drawn up together with colleagues from the urban planning and building commission Fabio Cosco and Giuseppe Stefanucci .

Lido is not a neighborhood to look at from time to time to deal with emergencies that may arise; instead, it is a reality that requires constant attention and an overall strengthening that responds to the impressive (sometimes uncontrolled) growth that has taken place over the last few decades. The engineers line up the inputs that led to this transformation from a summer destination to a city lived 12 months a year: the birth of the university in Germaneto and the commercial park in Barone. Especially with the growth of the student population, the demand for housing has increased and there has been new construction. But all this was not followed by “the creation of new urbanization works and the adaptation of existing ones”.
Thus, «uncontrolled construction and the lack of territorial planning have led to great inconveniences, especially in the summer period, such as the lack of water resources and the incorrect treatment of waste water».