Catanzaro, the stakes on urban regeneration in the classroom. Few changes waiting for the new Psc


By John

Few changes and a goal that remains well defined: safeguard the most valuable parts of the territory while waiting for the adoption of the Municipal Structural Plan. The resolution on the perimeter of the areas of the capital to be protected, enhanced and excluded from the provisions of the law on urban regeneration is ready to return to the scrutiny of the municipal council, in convocation for next Monday. The provision, which had been withdrawn in an initial version in the council meeting at the beginning of May, has now been revisited in the light of a series of meetings and discussions that the administration, on input from the councilor for urban planning Giusy Iemma, he has had with both the political parties and the professional Orders. But the substance has not changed much, except in the part where reference is made to the provisions in the preliminary of the municipal structural plan which will regulate all the most delicate aspects of the city territory but in an overall perspective, with objectives and visions well-defined city.
At the center there is always the need to protect the areas of Giovino, the hinterland and Germanetoin the light of the environmental peculiarity (in the first case) and of the specific vocations (in the other two).