Catanzaro, the trio of wonders Iemmello, Biasci and Vandeputte shines


By John

Tommaso, Jari and Pietro, following the rigorous order in which they went to target. Do you remember how Maurizio Ganz was nicknamed? Here, that “he always scores” put it in the plural: in the Giallorossi they always score. Not just them to be honest, because Vivarini has already sent other players to the net, reopening the cooperative which last year granted glory to nineteen different scorers. But those three – Biasci, Vandeputte and Iemmello – I am the constant. At the end of the season it would be nothing surprising if all three reached double figures. Exactly like a year ago.
The level of the opponents has risen, but the trio of wonders hasn’t stopped working. Biasci he was the least expected protagonist, at least at the beginning. The club and the coach believed in him with their eyes closed, they were sure that he would be able to make the difference in Serie B as was happening in the lower category. However, it would have been physiological if the twenty-eight year old – practically making his debut among the cadets – had needed a period of settling in. And instead Tommaso immediately found himself at ease. The goal that broke the deadlock in the match against Ternana, a tap-up rebound by the goalkeeper, was proof that he always knows how to be in the right place in the penalty area: the instinct of the thoroughbred attacker is the same in any category. But the one that opened the 3-0 against Spezia was a pearl, as well as his trademark, that is, from the left towards the center aiming at the opponent with speed and shooting with the right, from the edge, precise at the near post: Dragowski he didn’t expect it, the “Ceravolo” did.
Vandeputte he is Catanzaro’s best in this first phase of the tournament. He converted Lecce’s penalty with glacial coolness. He affected Spezia’s defense, then scored a goal and an assist against Lecco, triggering Verna’s hat-trick. In addition, he is working hard on the left wing, two men in one due to the contribution he makes in the defensive phase. Like last year, the Giallorossi revolve a lot around the Belgian who had an open account with Serie B: just one season with Vicenza (2020-21, one goal and twenty-eight appearances without ever really being a starter) before relaunching himself in Serie C thanks at Catanzaro. In Veneto they continue to gnaw at the liver, in Calabria they have been applauding it for more than two years.
Iemmello it was obviously the most awaited, by the square and by the experts. Another with a history of descent (in C) and ascent, a true prophet in his homeland. Since this summer captain, Pietro has returned among the Serie B scorers after thirty months (the last time was 2 March 2021) and some too much suffering, at the end of July, due to a sprained ankle and some muscle ailment which have delayed preparation. Iemmello was a giant against Lecco beyond the goal, but he had already shown some flashes of his class – and his vision of the game – against Spezia. In the last tournament the number 9 has been improving, now he is making up for the time lost due to the injury and aims to replicate a magnificent year also in Serie B. With those three, Catanzaro can look at salvation as an objective well within reach.