Catanzaro, Udinese touches you: a goal by Curcio against Foggia is worth the passage of the round in the Italian Cup. Vivarini: “We are at the beginning” THE HIGHLIGHTS


By John


MARKER Curcio 26’st

CATANZARO (4-4-2) Fulignates 6; Situm 6.5, Brighenti 6.5, Krastev 6, Scognamillo 6; Brignola 6 (23′ st Biasci 6), Ghion 6 (41′ st Pontisso sv), Verna 6 (23′ st Pompetti 6), Vandeputte 6.5; Curcio 6,5 (35′ st Bombagi sv), Sounas 6 (23′ st D’Andrea 6). Herds Vivarini 6

FOGGIA (4-3-3) Dalmasso 6; Garattoni 6, Papazov 6, Rizzo 6, Antonacci 6 (40′ st Di Modugno sv); Martini 6, Marino 6 (40′ st Pazienza sv), Schenetti 6 (23′ st Rossi 6); Peralta 7, Beretta 6, Vitali 6 (28′ st Tonin 6). Herds Cudini 6
REFEREE Cosso of Reggio Calabria 6
NOTE Game behind closed doors. Antonacci and Scognamillo booked. Corners 4-3. Rec. 0′; 4′.

A goal by Curcio to beat Foggia and go further, earning Udinese at the Dacia Arena (Friday at 18, live Italy 1), start the season and the Italian Cup with a smile. The ex’s header, in the middle of the second half, directed a game that seemed blocked. Because Catanzaro would have needed role forwards who weren’t there (Iemmello and Ambrosino injured, Biasci recovered in extremis). And because the opponent put heart, organization and a lot of effort into the field: Foggia came out with their heads held high. In any case, it was a good test for Vivarini and his boys: after the work in Cascia, the time has come to digest the new mechanisms and insert the new grafts in the best possible way. The road can be the right one in the knowledge that more reinforcements are needed.