Purification in Calabria; the mayors Fiorita, Brunetti, Voce and Caruso: “The Region exercises its responsibilities without blaming the Municipalities”


By John

“The formal notice that the president Roberto Occhiuto addressed to the mayors of Amantea, Nocera Terinese and Falconara Albanese – say the first citizens of the 4 provincial capital cities Fiorita, Brunetti, Voce and Caruso – it is a way of discharging the responsibilities of the Region, which is the only body which, through the Waste and Water Resources Authority of Calabria is responsible for the management of services. Water purification is part of the activities that had been carried out for some time to increase the efficiency levels of the plants throughout the region. While Occhiuto launches arrows, to the point of exposing complaints against the Municipalities, the delays accumulate and the defaults by the Region even assume a malicious character. As far as we are concerned, we have raised the problem for some time, but from the Region we have had only indifference and an increasingly stubborn attitude to blaming an alleged inactivity of the municipalities. Arrical should have already reorganized the sector through the identification of a single manager”.

According to the first four citizens “the mayor of Amantea did well, Dr. Enzo Pellegrino to reply to Occhiuto and to highlight how powerless local authorities are in facing even the simplest problems due to the scarcity of available resources. Eyed instead of ensuring that the Region could spend the funds already available, of making mea culpa for having lost the opportunity to be able to receive hundreds of millions of euros from the State for the efficiency and optimization of the Calabrian water system, he is only concerned to blame the mayors. The mayor Enzo Pellegrino has highlighted that the Region has not intended to finance, for only a few tens of thousands of euros, not even an emergency intervention for the disposal of sludge accumulated in the purification activities in that area”.

“In the light of all this, but also on the basis of the reports of inconvenience coming from various territories, we therefore believe that the establishment of the ordinary Arrical bodies can no longer be postponed and, above all, we ask – conclude Fiorita, Brunetti, Voce and Caruso – that you can play a immediate meeting between the presidency of the Region, the commissioner of Arrical and the mayors of the Calabrian municipalities. In short, to open a phase that can favor on the one hand an action interrupting the game, to which the president of the Region is obsessively dedicated, discharging his own responsibilities and on the other starting a process of cooperation and institutional collaboration with the municipalities for be able to define an effective plan of interventions for the improvement of the purification service”.