Cateno De Luca receives the trust of almost all the city councilors of “his” groups and announces a press conference upon leaving the hospital


By John

In the aftermath of the attacks coming from the exponents of the other parties and of his “reprimand” against councilors and the most trusted men – at least on paper – comes the position taken by several city councilors, who side with De Luca. He is not among the 13 signed Rosaria Di Ciuccio, who at this point seems destined to follow the regional deputy Alessandro De Leo, leaving the South Calls North movement. And meanwhile Cateno De Luca announces a press conference for tomorrow afternoon, at 4pm, after resigning from the Polyclinic, where he has been hospitalized for acute pneumonia since April 29th.

But let's go back to the letter from the city councilors, belonging to the council groups of “South calls North”, “Basile Mayor of Messina” and “With De Luca for Basile Mayor”who “in this particular moment, express their closeness to the Hon. Cateno De Luca for a speedy recovery and great appreciation and sharing, for his constant commitment aimed at affirming the values ​​of our political family and for the realization of all objectives for which our voters have shown their trust in us, in the conviction that we all must take an active role in this crucial phase of the electoral campaign. We recognize ourselves in the political-administrative program of Mayor Federico Basile and we are committed to giving an “extra gear!” based on the methodology that Mayor De Luca introduced at Palazzo Zanca in 2018, and to make citizens increasingly aware of the many things we have done and those we intend to continue doing to guarantee the city of Messina increasingly high levels of urban services. We are all aware of the importance of greater commitment in view of the next European elections and the current moment requires a collective and coordinated effort to ensure effective and meaningful representation in the European Parliament. It is crucial to be united, deploying all available resources to promote the values ​​and objectives of our political familymobilizing supporters and actively engaging the community, as we know how, to ensure a positive outcome that reflects our commitment and priorities.”

“Precisely for this reason, with a united spirit, reiterating the crucial role of the Honorable De Luca, who with his leadership represents the catalyst for the positive change that we want to see in Europe, on the occasion of the next elections for the renewal of the European Parliament, scheduled for 8 and 9 June, we will strive to obtain a significant result which, with the election of our representatives in the European Parliament, can guarantee the hoped-for political success and be able to face with much greater strength the subsequent electoral competitions in which we will have to engage to allow our Sicily to finally have a president who knows how to lead it in a competent and authoritative way. We are firmly convinced that the electoral competition of 8 and 9 June represents a fundamental moment and a sign of appreciation for the work of all of us. We are therefore committed to supporting the Freedom project with the same determination and commitment that we would have if we were all candidates.”

I am the one signing the note Giuseppe Busà, Salvatore Caruso, Francesco Cipolla, Nicoletta D'Angelo, Antonia Feminò, Serena Giannetto, Margherita Milazzo, Raimondo Mortelliti, Salvatore Papa, Sebastiano Pergolizzi, Raffaele Rinaldo, Giuseppe Schepis, Giuseppe Trischitta.

“The meeting was called for today to discuss the expulsion of councilor Sara Di Ciuccio from the Basile Sindac council groupor. The decision was made necessary following the refusal of councilor Di Ciuccio without any reason to sign the unitary document shared yesterday after a broad debate with all the municipal councilors of the council groups of Mayor Federico Basile and South calls North. This behavior confirmed the rumors that had been circulating for some time, namely the involvement of Councilor Di Ciuccio in the Forza Italia electoral campaign. It is clear now that all the pieces of the puzzle fit together perfectly, completing the picture. There is no more room for doubts or excuses, not even regarding the vote in the city council on the issue of Maurizio Croce when councilor Di Ciuccio took a position not aligned with the rest of the group.

It is worth underlining the fact that councilor Di Ciuccio she didn't even have the courage to confront our leader, Cateno De Luca, who had expressly invited her to visit him in the hospital where he is still hospitalized for a confrontation. Furthermore, during the meeting, councilor Di Ciuccio did not express any opposition to the document nor did she speak on the topics discussed by the other city councilors. Her only gesture was her refusal to sign the document, already signed by the other 13 city councilors, thus confirming her desire to dissociate herself from the group in any case. A stance that could only have one epilogue as far as we are concerned. There remains regret that we would have expected greater loyalty from councilor Sara Di Ciuccio”, states the municipal councilor and group leader of the “Basile Sindaco” council group, Francesco Cipolla.