Chaos in the post Cosenza-Catanzaro derby: precautionary measures for two fans confirmed


By John

The investigating judge of Cosenza confirmed the order that had been issued last March 9th by the investigating judge of Catanzaro, during validation, against the 11 Catanzaro fans arrested, in deferred flagrante delicto, four days earlier for the incidents that occurred before and after the derby with Cosenza, played on 3 March. The judge, in particular, has confirmed the obligation to report to the judicial police twice a day, including on Sundays and public holidays, and the ban on residence in Cosenza for two of the fans, Antonio Trapasso and Danilo Barbagalloand did not take any measures against the other nine who had already been released by the Catanzaro investigating judge.

There are three incidents of aggravated resistance and damage that were reported to Catanzaro fans. The first occurred while entering the «San Vito-Marulla» stadium, where a gate was torn down. Other disturbances occurred immediately after the match in the parking lots of sector eight. The latest episode occurred in front of a “Quattromiglia” fast-food restaurant in Rende, a short distance from the motorway junction. The fans involved in the incidents are defended by lawyers Antonella Canino, Giovanni Merante, Alessio Spadafora and Francesco Iacopino.