Inquest Maestrale-Imperium-Olimpo” in Vibo, continued with the same College


By John

Abstention rejected and separation due to the sole position of one accused. These are the news that emerged in the second hearing of the maxi trial resulting from the three anti-mafia investigations “Mistral-Imperium-Olympus” which is being celebrated in the bunker room of the new courthouse in Vibo. A process that for the moment will continue with the same Board, as a request for recusal of judges Tiziana Macrì (president) and Giulia Conti (aside) is pending. The rejection of the request for abstention, made in the last hearing by the DDA, in which the civil parties and some lawyers of the 185 defendants were associated, was decided by the president of the Court of Vibo Antonio Erminio Di Matteo, who totally rejected Macrì's request and partially that of Conti but limited to two charges and, in particular, to the position of the accused Francesco Barbieri. The DDA, directed by the acting prosecutor Vincenzo Capomolla and the prosecutors Annamaria Frustaci, Antonio De Bernardo and Irene Crea, and the lawyer Paride Scinica, defender of the defendants Luigi and Pantaleone Mancuso, have already filed as many requests for recusal against the two judges. It will now be up to the Court of Appeal of Catanzaro to decide. At the basis of the request for Macrì because he acted as investigating judge in the investigation phase of all three sections of the investigation, authorizing interceptive activity, on the position of Costantino Gaudioso, removed by Rinascita Scott and joined to the proceeding which is the result of the three investigations condensed into one by the DDA; then on that of Francesco La Rosa. Incompatibility due to prejudice then for Giulia Conti regarding the judgment expressed as a member of the Board (together with Macrì) against Zuliani and Francesco Barbieri, accused both in Catanzaro and in Vibo, and whose trial against the former ended with a acquittal, while the second is present in the “Maestrale” proceedings. After the rejection of the abstention, the hearing continued with a new request, formulated this time by the defence, to separate Barbieri's position only, which at this point will go on an autonomous track, while the DDA had renewed the abstention of the panel for all the defendants. Once the parties had been heard, the Court, after an hour's deliberation, accepted the defenders' complaints and ordered further proceedings.