ChatGPT on the iPhone, Apple close to the agreement with OpenAI


By John

ChatGPT could land on the iPhone soon. Apple is in fact close to an agreement with OpenAI for the use of its technology on iOS 18, the next generation of the iPhone operating system. However, an official announcement is not expected before June, when the developers conference is scheduled. While finalizing the terms of an agreement with OpenAI, Cupertino also continues to negotiate with Google even if the talks have so far brought no results.

Therefore, all-round negotiations which confirm how essential AI is now even for a giant like Apple which is behind its rivals in terms of artificial intelligence. “We believe in the power of AI and believe we have advantages that will differentiate us in this new era, including our integration of hardware, software and services,” Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook said while speaking to analysts after first-quarter results .

A partnership with ChatGPT would allow Apple to accelerate its push into chatbots and circumvent some of the risks they pose, thus reducing the company's liabilities. Tim Cook admitted to using ChatGPT last year, but explained that there were numerous problems that needed to be resolved.

And Apple would like to avoid some of these problems. An alliance with the start-up led by Sam Altman would also allow Apple to accelerate sales of the iPhone and recover the ground lost to Samsung. An Apple partnership with Google or OpenAI, three of the most famous names in the world, will not escape the antitrust authorities and beyond, given the widespread concern about the effects of artificial intelligence.

The connection between Cupertino and Mountain View is already the subject of legal action by the Department of Justice, which accuses them of cornering the competition on mobile devices. Accusations denied by the two companies.

In fact, Apple believes that Google's search quality is much higher than its rivals and that on the iPhone you can easily change the setting and choose another search engine. On the AI ​​front, American authorities are evaluating Microsoft's investments in OpenAI to see whether they have violated antitrust rules.