Montalto Uffugo, exciting three-way race: D'Acri, Faragalli and Viafora


By John

The great race of the 2024 administrative elections has officially begun. There are three candidates for mayor, three hundred and four aspirants for the position of municipal councilor but only sixteen of them will be chosen by the Montalto voters, on the two days of 8 and 9 June. Among these, eleven will sit on the majority benches and five on the minority benches. These are some of the numbers that characterized the traditional parade, which ended shortly after midday yesterday, in the offices of the General Secretariat of the Municipality of Montalto Uffugo, for the tortuous and delicate process of presenting the various candidacies and the electoral programs for the next and elections awaited for the renewal of the Civic Assembly.
No surprises for the names of the candidates for mayor. The three candidates remain confirmed, who answer to the names of Mauro D'Acri, Biagio Faragalli and Emilio Viafora.