Premiership, Meloni: “No to an ideological approach, it will be a reform on tiptoe”


By John

«The Constitution belongs to everyone because it affects everyone» and for this reason “I think it is a mistake to approach these issues with an ideological approach, which however is the prevailing orientation that I see so far in this debate” on the premiership. With this premise, the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, he began his speech at the conference «The Constitution for everyone. Dialogue on the premiership”, organized in the Chamber. Expressing satisfaction in seeing an audience made up not only of professionals, but above all of personalities from the world of entertainment, sport and entrepreneurship, Meloni then underlined that the country needs political stability and that the premiership is going in this direction “leaving the fundamental powers of the President of the Republic unchanged”, but, at the same time, “eliminating upstream the substitute function of a policy incapable of deciding on the part of the President of the Republic”. «We need to safeguard the guarantee bodies, starting from the function of super partes referee of the head of state and that is exactly what this reform does», clarified Meloni. Among the objectives of the premiership, he continued, is to guarantee that «whoever is chosen by the people to govern can do so with a legislative horizon, can have the time to carry forward the program with which he presented himself to the citizens: time and stability are a determining condition for building any strategy and therefore for restoring credibility to our institutions in front of citizens and this nation with our international interlocutors”.

Meloni also has it is hoped that the premiership will be approved by Parliament «with a two-thirds majority, but if this does not happen the word will pass to the Italians, as required by our constitution». The Prime Minister then observed: «Personalisation is a mistake. This reform does not concern myself or President Mattarella. It's about another world, a hypothetical future. This is why it's worth discussing instead of always personalizing everything. I had no problem voting for the cut in parliamentarians. There are issues on which opposition as an end in itself is useless. The citizens and the credibility of the institutions pay for this tactical game.” Furthermore, “I am convinced that we would do the nation a good service if we accompanied” the premiership with “an electoral law that reconstructs the elected-voter relationship and consolidates the democracy of alternation” by reintroducing preferences. «I believe I was the president of the only party that had the courage to present amendments that reintroduced preferences for the election of parliamentarians, I have never been against it and I am open to this too», he added. «Today the international context does not allow us to be light-hearted, light-heartedness can be truly dramatic», continued Meloni, reiterating several times the need for political stability and government stability. “This – he finally observed – is a solid, stable government, I don't need to make this reform, for me it's a risk”, but the more we manage to stay on the merits the more we can arrive at a text, I don't know how shared, but better, as long as we talk about the merits of the issue.” Some well-known faces from showbiz participated in the conference: from Iva Zanicchi to the TV presenter Pupo, from the actress Claudia Gerini to the singer-songwriter Amedeo Minghi. And then the former Italian swimming champion Filippo Magnini, the Tunisian entrepreneur and film producer Tarak Ben Ammar and the manager Pietro Salin