Citizenship income, Calderone: “In 112 thousand able to work”. Very harsh count: “You are the setters”


By John

There are 112,000 people who can be activated for work among the 159,000 who received the SMS suspending their Citizenship Income. The Minister of Labor said Marina Calderone during a Question time on the Rdc. “With reference to the 159,000 households we are talking about – he says – 112,000 can be activated on the employment agreement and 35% of these appear to me to be enrolled in one of the active policy measures envisaged and therefore will enjoy the Sfl benefit from 1 September. This is the objective that the Government does not intend to miss and which has been neglected for years by those who today, stirring up spirits, evoke unrest”.

“For fragile remains in place until December”

«First of all, let’s clarify, I think it’s important: the income recipients, considered employable, received a text message from INPS indicating the end of the process, which comes from Maneuver 2023. Now it’s important to say this: contrary to what was written in the text message, it is not necessary to go to social services for the frail who will continue to receive it until December 2023″. Minister Calderone reiterated this, guest of Non stop news on Rtl 102.5.

Conte: “You are splitting the country, you are the setters”

«There is anger, social confusion: you are leaving social workers, Municipalities alone and you are solely responsible. You are knowingly splitting the country: you have deluded these people into replacing their income with training courses, you have insulted them by calling them couch potatoes but after 8 months” you have done nothing about this: “we have discovered that whoever does not want to work is this government, whoever does not wants to do nothing you are, you are the divan players». This was stated by the leader of M5s, Giuseppe Conte, speaking in the Chamber in reply to Minister Calderone at the question time on income. «I listened to his answer – Conte said speaking in the Chamber addressing Minister Calderone – and it is in line with the spirit of Palazzo Chigi: cold bureaucracy. Giorgia Meloni promised a thousand euros a month and now with a text message she says that starting tomorrow the income of 169 thousand families will be canceled ». “I appeal to the government – he concluded – think again and convene a CDM stop, block this massacre, send a text message to all these people apologizing”.