Citizenship income suspended for over 11 thousand Calabrians, the Region launches the job training support plan HERE ARE THE DATA


By John

“We are ready to implement the new measure envisaged by Legislative Decree 48/2023, the Training and Employment Support”, declared theGiovanni Calabrese, Regional Councilor for Labor and Vocational Trainingfollowing what the Minister of Labor established in recent weeks.

In fact, the decree-law of 4 May 2023 n. 48, converted, with amendments, by law 3 July 2023, n. 85, containing “Urgent measures for social inclusion and access to the world of work”, in article 12 establishes, from 1 September 2023, the Support for training and work, a measure aimed at those aged between 18 and 59 who are considered eligible for work and have an ISEE not exceeding 6,000 euros. These subjects will be able to benefit from income support equal to 350 euros per month (for a maximum of 12 non-renewable months) provided that they attend training, qualification and professional retraining courses or other work activation measures, for their duration.

To access this job activation path, interested parties must issue a declaration of immediate availability for work, demonstrating that they have already contacted at least three employment agencies or other entities authorized to carry out intermediation activities. “A provision – explains Calabrese – which will lead us to have a clearer picture of the identification of training courses and job placement and we are already working with the Calabrian CPI to overcome the basic income and guarantee access to the new measure of the ex perceivers”.

A synergistic work and this measure that undermines the concept of welfare and will allow subjects to find immediate answers, arrives at a time when the Calabria Region is adopting clear and direct measures at work. In fact, the new labor reform, modified after 21 years, and the preparation of the plan of active policies for work and professional training which Calabrese is following up with training agencies and employers’ associations, will be able to concretely lead our Region to reverse the unemployment data. For the implementation of the Support for training and work, the implementing decrees relating to the identification of measures for the involvement of the Calabria Region in the training and work activation courses are being issued and pending the issuing of the implementing decrees , through the network of Employment Centres, has launched an information campaign aimed at potential beneficiaries, in particular to former recipients of basic income without the requirements for continuation, beyond the seven months envisaged for the year 2023.

“In this context of transition – as the Welfare and Employment Department led by the general manager Roberto Cosentino also explains – taking charge of these subjects in the GOL programme, with the assignment of accompanying and training measures, is certainly an essential step for be able to benefit from the new measure envisaged by the Government, as well as for what is already foreseen for the achievement of the targets. Approximately 11,622 beneficiaries of the Citizenship Income whose benefit has been suspended in Calabria (Anpal data), of which approximately 5,400 have already been taken over by Legislative Decree 250 and approximately 3,000 have already been taken over by the Gol program and other active policies“.

This is the picture of the beneficiaries of the RdC to whom the use of the measure has been suspended, with evidence of those who have not been taken over by the services and to whom attention will be given priority by the Calabrian CPIs.

Attached is the table with Anpal data.