Competitions in Reggio, the “rules” change again. Everything needs to be redone for the Metropolitan City


By John

The rules change during the race and the Metropolitan City cancels the tender notice. Everything needs to be redone for the process with which the organization should have identified the company to which to entrust the execution of the competitions to strengthen the organic plant. The legislation has provided for a change in the methods of carrying out the event. On 14 July the new public competition regulations came into force, which brings numerous innovations aimed at speeding up hiring processes within public administrations for the next three years. This means that all notices published afterwards will follow the new rules (for those in progress the pre-existing provisions will remain valid). And the innovations provide that the competition procedures must take place “in digital mode with devices provided by the Institution and disabled from the internet connection” and also “that the written tests and any pre-selection tests must take place in person, with devices provided by the Administrations”. Thus Palazzo Alvaro cancels the tender, the framework agreement with a single economic operator of the competition design, implementation and management service, via digital platform and proctoring service, for carrying out the tests relating to the competition procedures.