Concessions and Catanzaro Servizi, the ok arrives from the city council


By John

The City Council meeting held yesterday at Palazzo De Nobili was quite smooth and during which the assignment of cemetery services to Catanzaro Servizi had to be approved and temporary state concessions to the seaside resorts operating in the seaside district had to be discussed.
Making the discussion, widely announced in the press, on the point relating to concessions more fluid, was the withdrawal of the League’s motion with which Salvini’s party asked the mayor Nicola Fiorita to ensure that the new provisional concessions were valid until 31 December. In the morning, however, a specific manager from the Land Management sector intervened, clarifying the terms already contained in the Council’s resolution at the end of last December, explaining that the deadline of 31 March referred to therein was the deadline set for the granting of the new provisional authorizations, not that of their validity.