Confirmation from Anas: work in the ‘Limina’ and ‘Torbido’ tunnels on state road 682 ‘Jonio Tirreno’ suspended for the summer period


By John

In anticipation of the increase in traffic flows due to the expected travel in the high part of the summer season, Anas will suspend the redevelopment interventions of the ‘Limina’ and Torbido’ tunnels on the state road 682 ‘Jonio Tirreno’, in the province of Reggio Calabria.
In detail, starting from August 3rd and until August 25th, the tunnels will remain open to traffic with only the one-way system maintained inside the ‘Torbido’ tunnel, in order to ensure greater usability, even at night, of the important road infrastructure.
The same measure will also be adopted every night, between Sunday and Monday, starting from June 29th and up to July 30th inclusive.
The methods and management of the interventions were shared with the regional institutions and the competent local bodies.