Consumption, a year of increases in the Cosentino: record for oil and parmesan


By John

Compulsive shopping has already been taking place for a few days on the Immaculate Conception weekend. Everyone is queuing in the shopping centers but the progression of the crowd is also clear and is transforming the pedestrian area into an anthill. It is the sign of a return to Ithaca which, however, is declined by alarming numbers. Within an apparent happiness, life here continues to hang on insignificant threads that seem to connect to an elsewhere deformed by resignation. Reports describing Cosentino are faint murmurs with diagrams that never grow. And among the factors that definitively sweep the embankment is the surge in consumer prices which served as the soundtrack to the year that we are preparing to abandon without nostalgia. There are products that have seen terrifying increases in prices in a year. Products such as parmesan, olive oil, beef and chicken breast had a greater impact than others on household spending capacity. In particular, cheese, in October last year, had an average price of 19.58 euros per kg with maximum peaks of 23 euros. In October this year, for a kilo of parmesan we spent on average 21.77 euros (+2.19) with a maximum price of 28 euros (+5). Extra virgin olive oil went from an average price of 5.13 euros per liter to 8.17 euros with an overall increase of 3.17 euros.